Watchfire Music

I am appalled that you are pushing to replace live music and musicians with your new program.

Watchfire Music responded on 06/23/2019

Hi Tom,
Thank you for writing in. We deeply appreciate your concern. We are not remotely trying to replace live music and musicians. No! On the contrary, Solo Thoughts Select is a response to a current need voiced to us from church music committees and individual members around the world over the past several years. It's an answer to many requests we have received from folks whose churches have transitioned away from live music for various reasons. To answer this need responsibly, we began to look at what we could do to offer a solution to help these churches keep a continuity of the musical elements of a church service as outlined in the Manual of The Mother Church. In summary, Solo Thoughts Select is our answer to supply a current demand for sacred recorded music in some churches. We view this as purely supplemental to our primary and continual activity of supplying church musicians with sheet music for their church services, which is going strong as always! We hope this is helpful!

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