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How do I download the song I purchased this morning? Desiree Goyette “I Am The Lord”. It won’t let me create an account.

Watchfire Music responded on 02/20/2018

Dear Anonymous,

Please email us at We'll be able to look up your order, and help you create an accout as well as assign your purchase to your account.

But also -- there are 3 ways to access your download purchase:

You can access your downloads in three ways with each of your purchases:
1. At the point of purchase on the Order Confirmation Page — there is a button for every purchase on the right hand side — you might have to scroll down!
2. In your email confirmation, you receive download links again.
3. In your account on Just login to your account and you can retrieve your purchases there.

Please note that when you download, the files will transfer directly to your computer or mobile device, so you need to know where your downloads from the internet are automatically stored. For example, often a device is set to store downloads in the “Downloads” folder, the “Desktop” folder, or your “Documents" folder.

Enjoy the music!

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