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Is there a process for obtaining sheet music? I am chair of Music Committee of my church. Russ

Watchfire Music responded on 02/20/2018

Hi Russ! Thanks so much for your Fan Question. We apologize for not seeing this sooner!!!
We would love to welcome you to and our store for Digital Sheet Music.

Basically, we have a strong left side bar search filter that helps you find music and music titles you may be looking for on any of our Shop pages (See the Shop dropdown on the Nav Bar at You can also get an over view at our Shop Info page:

We also offer a powerful resource for church committees and church musicians called Solo Thoughts. Our team of editors research and match 12 to 24 titles PER WEEK to match the each week of the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lessons. You can find out about that at this link:

Finally, we'll email you a Welcome to WFM letter that is chock full of resources.
Thanks so much for your inquiry and you will hear from us via


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