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Yes, on 9/21/2017, at our Music Committee meeting for our church, First Church of Christ Scientist, Evergreen, CO 80439, I purchased solo music for the 11/26/2017 Sunday service. I was unable to download this music at this time. And today when I attempted to download it, was unable to do so. This probably due to the new website. Can you help to get this available for download?: Your WatchFireMusic.Com Order # WF331571
Item 1 Product ID : 4893
Item 1 Description : Sheet Music: Robert Collister: "Let There Be Light" (Key=Eb, Vocal Range=Medium, Instrumentation=Keyboard/Vocal)
Item 1 Quantity/Cost: 1 at 6.95/item = 6.95
Item 1 Download Link: See "Download Information" below.
Cost of Products : $6.95
Tax : $0.00
Shipping/Handling: $0.00
Total Cost : $6.95

Watchfire Music responded on 10/27/2017

Thanks so much for your question! We have looked up your records and emailed you the pdf for the song purchase you made. We hope you enjoy the music!

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