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I am a music chairman at church. When I first looked at your website I was able to hear a sample of the music as well as see the words so I coulddetermine if I wanted to obtain. Then the last two times I tried, I could not do that. However that was sometime ago and perhaps that is now possible.

Watchfire Music responded on 10/14/2017

Dear Friend,
Thanks so much for your email inquiry. Here is what we are telling everyone. It’s just another couple before we roll out our brand new website — and this will no longer be a problem!

In the meantime:

Please click this link to our FAQ with instructions to be able to listen to samples:

Soon, this will no longer be an issue. Thank you so much for your patience as we transition to a new website for your continued use!

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A few years back I sent you a CD of a song I wrote. It was not appropriate for your type of music but you did responded kindly even though it didn't make much sense to you. HA! The reason I connected years ago...I loved hearing your wife's singing in the Mother Church and some of my family members were involved in the church at the time (Claire COP, and Patti, secretary to Nate Talbot) etc. I guess I thought that might be a help in getting your opinion. Guess what! Knowing very little about my present situation and now being a Class Member of litigation concerning rights with that very song I sent you....I was hoping you could share with me just what that is all about. The trial is in December concerning Ferrick vs. Spotify. Any suggestions or just sit and wait it out! Never expected this.....maybe many participants make it look more favorable for the major players in the case. Oh well...always learning. Thanks.
Cheryl M. Roy

Watchfire Music responded on 08/31/2017
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Yes, on 9/21/2017, at our Music Committee meeting for our church, First Church of Christ Scientist, Evergreen, CO 80439, I purchased solo music for the 11/26/2017 Sunday service. I was unable to download this music at this time. And today when I attempted to download it, was unable to do so. This probably due to the new website. Can you help to get this available for download?: Your WatchFireMusic.Com Order # WF331571
Item 1 Product ID : 4893
Item 1 Description : Sheet Music: Robert Collister: "Let There Be Light" (Key=Eb, Vocal Range=Medium, Instrumentation=Keyboard/Vocal)
Item 1 Quantity/Cost: 1 at 6.95/item = 6.95
Item 1 Download Link: See "Download Information" below.
Cost of Products : $6.95
Tax : $0.00
Shipping/Handling: $0.00
Total Cost : $6.95

Watchfire Music responded on 10/27/2017
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