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A few years back I sent you a CD of a song I wrote. It was not appropriate for your type of music but you did responded kindly even though it didn't make much sense to you. HA! The reason I connected years ago...I loved hearing your wife's singing in the Mother Church and some of my family members were involved in the church at the time (Claire COP, and Patti, secretary to Nate Talbot) etc. I guess I thought that might be a help in getting your opinion. Guess what! Knowing very little about my present situation and now being a Class Member of litigation concerning rights with that very song I sent you....I was hoping you could share with me just what that is all about. The trial is in December concerning Ferrick vs. Spotify. Any suggestions or just sit and wait it out! Never expected this.....maybe many participants make it look more favorable for the major players in the case. Oh well...always learning. Thanks.
Cheryl M. Roy

Watchfire Music responded on 08/31/2017

Hi Cheryl,

Thank you for reaching out to us -- and thanks so much for your kind remarks about Julia Wade singing at The Mother Church. We realize that you are trying to contact Peter Link.

It appears that we do not have your email on file, and also, you did not leave us an email address with which to contact you privately. Since we cannot contact you directly, we do hope that you will see our response here so that we can at least try to steer you in the right direction. After Peter saw your message, he counseled that the very best thing you can do for yourself at this moment would be to contact a music lawyer to help you. He or she would be able to go over the details with you and also possibly represent you in this situation. That is what we would do!

If you wish to be in contact further with us, please write We'll get your email to Peter Link and then you can both be in touch directly.

Thanks so much and very best wishes in this endeavor!

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