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I'm having trouble listening to your musical samples. What do I need to do?

Watchfire Music responded on 03/13/2017

Hi Barbara,
The reason you cannot hear samples could stem from one or more of several reasons:

If you are trying to listen from a mobile device, unfortunately, our site is not yet fully mobile compatible. We are working on it! So for the time being, please make sure you are at a laptop or desktop computer when listening.

Also, please check your volume levels on your computer and/or the speakers attached to your computer.

If these do not seem to be the problem, it's possible that your computer has been updated to a new operating system. You may need to update your internet browser, as a result. If you update your browser, you may also notice a small message on your browser screen saying that your Flash is out of date. Just reinstall Flash and your audio samples should work for you.

In summary, check your volume, make sure it is not on mute; update your browser and possibly update Flash — and finally click on the “Listen to Sample” button.

We hope that this is helpful!

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