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I am the music chair for my church, and create rehearsal tracks for a couple of soloists who need help learning their music. It would be very helpful if I could include a full performance track of the song along with the rehearsal tracks (which is: a piano playing their part in the foreground, accompaniment and metronome in the background). Is there any possibility that you could allow me to do this with your performance recordings? We would end up purchasing much more new music from you as a result.
Thank you for your consideration.
All the Best,
Gary Hammond
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Bozeman, MT
My cell: 406-570-4282

Watchfire Music responded on 06/23/2015

Hi Gary,
Thanks for contacting us! We think we understand your question, but there may be a misunderstanding of terms. We think that we already offer this…have you check other composers on our website? We really want to help you with this, so if you need more information please give us a call at 908-608-3189 during our business hours, 12 to 6pm M-F.

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