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Why do I no longer receive emails from Watchfire Music? For the past five years I have received "Solo Thoughts", which I have always purchased and "Sparks From The Fire". Since our branch C.S. Church decided not to have Julia Wade schedule a concert (October, 2013), I have received no emails from Watchfire. I have continued to purchase "Solo Thoughts", but no longer receive anything but purchase confirmations.
Vicki Knostman (
Music Committee Chairman
First Church of Christ Scientist, Carmel, CA

Watchfire Music responded on 08/26/2014

Dear Vicki,
Thanks for contacting us!
We are very concerned about 2 things:
1. That you are no longer receiving emails from us.
2. That you are seeing a connection with Julia Wade's concert schedule and your not receiving emails from WFM.
Please rest assured that we will immediately fix #1.
Please rest assured that #2 has no truth whatsoever in feeling or action. Julia Wade and WFM thoroughly understand that not all concert inquiries come to fruition. It is simply the nature of the business. So, we LOVE the fact that your church and community were interested in the first place! ☺
We do not delete emails for any reason unless to stop obvious spamming, or if someone requests us to manually unsubscribe them.
Two things might have occurred to cause you to stop receiving emails:
1. Perhaps you changed your email address, and if so, our email list may not have been notified, etc.
2. It's possible that you may have accidentally clicked the unsubscribe link.
We will fix!
Thank you!

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