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Hi Friends,
What do you have for music for children/teens to sing, to augment the hymns in the CS hymnal and supplement? I am thinking of something like Mindy Jostyn's Father Mother-good song, or Newsong Group's "Circle of Love" on their Songburst CD, sold in CS Reading Rooms. I'm a 1st Reader and we'd love this type of song hymns for our occasional family-focused testimony meetings. Maybe also for Sunday School!
Thanks for any resources, or leads, or ideas!!!
Joan Wolcott (Lincoln, MA)

Watchfire Music responded on 06/24/2014

Hi Joan,
Thanks for contacting us! We have lots of songs suitable for children and young people on our website ( Here's a link to Mindy Jostyn's page There are also some children's songs on Deborah Offenhauser's page: and you may like The Solo Committee: and Arlene Pourroy's songs as well: Hope this helps!

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