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Is it appropriate to forward your quarterly suggestions? My music committee has to select solos. We take turns by the month. I don't mind paying but I know it's not easy for some others on the committee. Bonnie

Watchfire Music responded on 03/07/2014

Hi Bonnie,
Bonnie -- if you buy a Solo Thoughts for your church, you are certainly welcome to print it and share it with your music committee and musicians. You are also free to email the pdf file to them for research use.
You are not allowed to share it with other churches and other individuals outside of your church.
Unlike sheet music, we do allow the sharing of this resource within your church music family. When you purchase our sheet music, you are licensed to make 2 copies only—one for the singer and one for the accompanist.
Thank you so much for asking this question!
p.s. Here is the link to the Solo Thoughts page:

And the link to our new Solo Thoughts Community on Facebook, where you can share ideas and pick up information about church music, copyrights, etc.:

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