Watchfire Music

Someone forwarded thinking I would enjoy (& I might), but what is Watchfire music range?

Watchfire Music responded on 02/05/2014

Watchfire Music produces Inspirational Music to brighten your life and enliven your soul.

We are a trans-denominational music company. We embrace all spiritual ideas but promote no religious theology. Our Inspirational music spans all cultures, religions and people. We believe that all people have inside of themselves
truth, life, love, spirit, soul. And so we serve all mankind. And how? With simple “feel good” music.
A love song can be an Inspirational song:

“I got up this morning and I feel good”
is an Inspirational lyric.

We have no doctrine to preach, no mission to serve except to offer positive value in our music and lyrics.
“I have seen Him in the watch fires
Of a hundred circling camps” *

It is our mission only to be a gathering of light.

*from "Battle Hymn of the Republic" Lyrics by Julia Ward Howe

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