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How do I download the song I purchased this morning? Desiree Goyette “I Am The Lord”. It won’t let me create an account.

Watchfire Music responded on 02/20/2018

Dear Anonymous,

Please email us at We'll be able to look up your order, and help you create an accout as well as assign your purchase to your account.

But also -- there are 3 ways to access your download purchase:

You can access your downloads in three ways with each of your purchases:
1. At the point of purchase on the Order Confirmation Page — there is a button for every purchase on the right hand side — you might have to scroll down!
2. In your email confirmation, you receive download links again.
3. In your account on Just login to your account and you can retrieve your purchases there.

Please note that when you download, the files will transfer directly to your computer or mobile device, so you need to know where your downloads from the internet are automatically stored. For example, often a device is set to store downloads in the “Downloads” folder, the “Desktop” folder, or your “Documents" folder.

Enjoy the music!


Is there a process for obtaining sheet music? I am chair of Music Committee of my church. Russ

Watchfire Music responded on 02/20/2018

Hi Russ! Thanks so much for your Fan Question. We apologize for not seeing this sooner!!!
We would love to welcome you to and our store for Digital Sheet Music.

Basically, we have a strong left side bar search filter that helps you find music and music titles you may be looking for on any of our Shop pages (See the Shop dropdown on the Nav Bar at You can also get an over view at our Shop Info page:

We also offer a powerful resource for church committees and church musicians called Solo Thoughts. Our team of editors research and match 12 to 24 titles PER WEEK to match the each week of the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lessons. You can find out about that at this link:

Finally, we'll email you a Welcome to WFM letter that is chock full of resources.
Thanks so much for your inquiry and you will hear from us via



Is 2nd quarter 2018 SOLOTHOUGHTS out now?

This resource saves me! I adore it, and thank you for all the work you do to get it out to us.

Watchfire Music responded on 02/20/2018

Hi Susan!
Thanks for asking and for your very lovely comments! 2nd Quarter 2018 will be posted on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 -- tomorrow! Thanks again for your interest in the music and your use of Solo Thoughts! :)


why do I have to give you my mastercard number just to be on your list to get you news ? Can't I give it to you when I order something?

Watchfire Music responded on 12/09/2017

Hi Janet!
No, you do not ever have to give your credit card number in order to join our email list. You may have seen the option to join our list while making a purchase and that may have confused the issue.

You can sign up for our our newsletters in the left column of the footer of our website, which shows on every page of the site. Or, you can sign up directly at this link:

We are happy to welcome you to our newsletter family!
Thank you!


Hello,y speek french,have you frensh langage on the site,thank's so much,Ronald.

Watchfire Music responded on 12/09/2017

Dear Ronald,
Thank you for your question. At this moment, we do not have any French language content on our website. We wish we did! For the moment, we suggest that you use Google Translate in order to help clarify your navigation of our site and we do hope you find what you are searching for. If you would like to be in touch with us directly, please write us at

Thanks so much!


Is your music available to purchase?

Watchfire Music responded on 12/09/2017

Yes it is! We offer thousands of songs, CDs, digital sheet music and more. Just visit our site at and choose the "Shop" link on the main Nav Bar. You will find strong search capabilities to filter down to exactly what you are looking for! Enjoy!


How can I comment on your website. I've just examined it, searching for a song, going to the page for the music, and displayed the great variety of options for consideration, viewing, sampling, and purchase. The site manipulates smoothly and very clearly. Nice work!
Dave Cornell

Watchfire Music responded on 10/28/2017

Hi Dave! Thanks so very much for writing to us! We'd be honored to have your comments! At the moment, the place to make comments on the new website is on any News or Blog post. So, for example, if you wish to comment on the new site, perhaps take a look at our news post, "WFM Welcome!" at this link: You can comment there, and please feel free to be in touch with us directly at Thank you Dave!


I am a music chairman at church. When I first looked at your website I was able to hear a sample of the music as well as see the words so I coulddetermine if I wanted to obtain. Then the last two times I tried, I could not do that. However that was sometime ago and perhaps that is now possible.

Watchfire Music responded on 10/14/2017

Dear Friend,
Thanks so much for your email inquiry. Here is what we are telling everyone. It’s just another couple before we roll out our brand new website — and this will no longer be a problem!

In the meantime:

Please click this link to our FAQ with instructions to be able to listen to samples:

Soon, this will no longer be an issue. Thank you so much for your patience as we transition to a new website for your continued use!


A few years back I sent you a CD of a song I wrote. It was not appropriate for your type of music but you did responded kindly even though it didn't make much sense to you. HA! The reason I connected years ago...I loved hearing your wife's singing in the Mother Church and some of my family members were involved in the church at the time (Claire COP, and Patti, secretary to Nate Talbot) etc. I guess I thought that might be a help in getting your opinion. Guess what! Knowing very little about my present situation and now being a Class Member of litigation concerning rights with that very song I sent you....I was hoping you could share with me just what that is all about. The trial is in December concerning Ferrick vs. Spotify. Any suggestions or just sit and wait it out! Never expected this.....maybe many participants make it look more favorable for the major players in the case. Oh well...always learning. Thanks.
Cheryl M. Roy

Watchfire Music responded on 08/31/2017

Hi Cheryl,

Thank you for reaching out to us -- and thanks so much for your kind remarks about Julia Wade singing at The Mother Church. We realize that you are trying to contact Peter Link.

It appears that we do not have your email on file, and also, you did not leave us an email address with which to contact you privately. Since we cannot contact you directly, we do hope that you will see our response here so that we can at least try to steer you in the right direction. After Peter saw your message, he counseled that the very best thing you can do for yourself at this moment would be to contact a music lawyer to help you. He or she would be able to go over the details with you and also possibly represent you in this situation. That is what we would do!

If you wish to be in contact further with us, please write We'll get your email to Peter Link and then you can both be in touch directly.

Thanks so much and very best wishes in this endeavor!